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Spa and Boathouse, Scottish Highlands

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We have two design-led schemes on the Glen Affric estate in the Scottish Highlands – a spa and a boathouse.

The V-shaped spa pavilion affords generous views over Loch Affric. A sitting room area reaches eastwards on a lower level and the spa area faces westwards on a higher level. The pavilion’s form was developed to address this division and to follow the natural terrain of the hill with reference to the mountains beyond. As such, the architecture becomes an integral part of the terrain.

The material selection for the exterior shares this approach. Roof and base slabs are expressed in visual concrete and structural glazing reflects the surrounding landscape. A sedum roof forms a continuous green blanket when approaching the building from the top of the hill.

Our proposed new boathouse consists of two timber clad, pitched roof forms resting on a low concrete plinth. Massing and materials are restrained and in keeping with the existing clusters of buildings on the estate.

Planning consents for both the spa and boathouse were granted in early 2017.

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