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Architects in London


Our (completely subjective) list of the most influential Architects in London

We like lists and debates: and so here is our analysis of the 10 most influential architects in London today. It only represents our opinion on the domestic and international influence that these architects in London have. This is not an ‘appreciation of  style’ list. We have only considered architects in London – in other words whose practices (or head office) is primarily based in the City.

At position one of our ‘Architects London’ list, by quite a long way in our opinion, is Lord Foster.  Foster has dominated the architectural profession over the last 40 years and has gone a long way to defining British architecture as an exportable international ‘brand’.

At no 2 in our ‘Architects London’ list is David Chipperfield. He is the 2007 Stirling Prize winner and reigns supreme at designing beautiful, sensitive modernist buildings.

At No 3 we vote for Zaha Hadid. She is truly an international architect and a great example of the export potential of architecture. Until the aquatic centre, she has built very little in the UK.

At no 4 on our ‘Architects London’ list is Richard Rogers. From the Lloyds Building in 1978 to Terminal 5 in 2008, Rogers has dominated the late 20th Century British Architecture. In a way like Foster – but – one senses with a slightly lesser ego.

At No 5 in our ‘Architects London’ list is Allies and Morrison – a practice that has built widely and extremely competently in the UK and is currently expanding internationally.

At No 6 in the ‘Architects London’ list is Grimshaw. Similar in age to Foster and Rogers, the practice is going through a period of succession-planning but it still retains significant influence both in the UK and internationally.

At No 7 on our ‘Architects London’ list we vote for Wilkinson Eyre Architects. Far smaller in terms of  staff size than the previous but, none-the-less, with a rapidly increasing influence both in the UK and internationally.

At No 8 in our Architects London list we suggest John McAslan and Partners.

At no 9 on our Architects London list we suggest  Hawkins Brown.

And, finally, at No 10 in our list we vote for Thomas Heatherwick Studio. Small – but with influence


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