Rodić Davidson Architects

Objects of desire #1


We love the beautiful organic forms created by Alan Wallwork.

Alan was born in Watford in 1931. He studied at Goldsmiths and opened a gallery in Forest Hill very soon after graduating in 1958 where he began making his own pottery. His work has always been innovative: while experimenting  with dripped and trailed glaze pools, he stumbled upon a glazing technique which he developed into a range of tiles which rapidly found a receptive market in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s. His tiles were sold by Heals on Tottenham Court Road.

This success paved the way to phasing out domestic earthenware and the purchase of a better kiln for high temperature stoneware, in alternation with the flourishing earthenware tiles.

We love the raw materiality of Alan’s creations and the surface textures that result. Viewed close-up the ceramic forms take on a lunar feel with impact craters, ridges, rifts and fractures. There are the deep colours of rock silicates that feel to have been ejected by the volcanoes and craters.

Alan says that “enigmatic traces of earlier lives have always intrigued him and influence his work – traces of people and their responses to the sun, moon, the seasons, fertility – and traces of much earlier life forms that have left their mark so abundantly in the landscape where he lives.”


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