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Paddington in Primrose Hill

A beautiful Primrose Hill house that we refurbished a few years ago is featured in the recent Paddington film. Referred to as Windsor Gardens in the film, the filming location was actually Chalcot Crescent in Primrose Hill. See project page here.

End of mega-basements in Kensington and Chelsea

William in a basement 02

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Stephanie


The Right to Light Envelope – A limit and a target

At Rodic Davidson Architects, the majority of our projects are located within the densely built fabric of central London. Designing within this context comes with the constraints of adhering to specific planning policies and legislation pertaining to light. A ‘Right to Light’ is a legal matter and is therefore distinct from planning considerations such as Sunlight, Daylight & Overshadowing assessments. A development may therefore be granted permission by planning authorities but halted by an injunction if the rights of a landowner or leaseholder were breached. A right to light may be defined as a form of “easement that gives landowners the right to receive light through defined apertures in buildings on their land” (Law Commission: Rights to Light). In defining the extent of the aperture, the amount of sunlight is irrelevant; it is instead measured in relation to the amount of sky visible from the working plane. A right to…

We have turned the corner (in Southwark)


Barns and swimming pools: a happy combination

Prior Approval in the Countryside Changes to the planning laws in March 2014 have allowed us to explore converting redundant farm buildings into residential use. Here is an example of a redundant concrete agricultural building that we are proposing to retain but re-use for a different use (albeit with some radical changes!). The idea is a simple one: remove the hay, cut the roof to bring in light, sandblast the concrete and install a swimming pool. What could be easier?

CGI or Watercolour?

2014_0828 – Roof extension – LIAM WALES WATERCOLOUR

The Case Against Destruction


Planning consent achieved for contemporary house

2014_0627 – KNATCHBULL 1

A garden party in a garden city

2014_0621 – photo 3

A Case for Celebration

2014_0616 – scanned Bloomsbury-1 – LOW RES

Planning consent granted for listed Notting Hill town house

Rodic Davidson Architects

Vilhelm Hammershøi and the view from our front window

2014_0512 – 67 Great Russell St Brit Museum – COPYRIGHT ISSUE

New Build House in St John’s Wood

2014_0511 – MIDDLEFIELD 2

Site progress from the shingle

2014_0502 – SHINGLE SITE PHOTO 1

Basement Extensions: the revised policies in RBKC

Rodic Davidson Architects work on many projects involving basement extensions within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC), and so we follow the Local Authority’s views on subterranean development with real interest.  RBKC is in the process of revising their basement policy, and their current draft proposal is outlined below: ‘The Council, [RBKC], will require all basements to be designed, constructed and completed to the highest standard and quality.  To achieve this basement development should: a. not exceed a maximum of 50% of each garden or open part of the site. The unaffected garden must be in a single area and where relevant should form a continuous area with other neighbouring gardens.  Exceptions may be made on large sites; b. not comprise more than one storey. Exceptions may be made on large sites; c. not add further basement floors where there is an extant or implemented planning permission for…

Knightsbridge roof extension won at appeal


Planning submitted for contemporary new build house

2014_0627 – KNATCHBULL 2

Bloomsbury: The Case Against Destruction

In 1952 it was agreed, after a public enquiry, that the network of little streets in front of the British Museum should be pulled down to make room for the British Library. In 1962 the minister of Works (as he then was) appointed Sir Leslie Martin and Colin St John Wilson as architects. The proposals became detailed in the early 1970s and the February 1974 edition of the Architectural Review was scathing of the emerging scheme design, "St George's is hemmed in a narrow, chillingly unsuitable gulch. The British Museum is faced, much too close, with an unbroken front of building which is much larger than itself; and the north/south route through the site has been extinguished altogether." "This may, conceivably, be the way to build a library. Emphatically it is not the way to rebuild a central piece of city." A campaign was mounted by Camden Council and presented in a booklet; Bloomsbury:…

Rodic Davidson: Bloomsbury to Belgrade

Rodic Davidson Architects in Belgrade

Bloomsbury to Belgrade

Ben Davidson and Sinisa Rodic

Latest construction images from Dungeness


Progress report from Dungeness

Here's another update from our new build project in Dungeness - the weather is improving, the windows are in and the house is water-tight.

A new-build house in St. John’s Wood

New build house, St.John’s Wood

Update from the shingle!


Planning and Listed Building Consent for double-basement in heart of Kensington

RDA recently gained Planning and Listed Building Consent for a two-storey basement to a mews house in the heart of Kensington.  Despite a challenging site, and heavy policy constraints, the proposals were approved at Committee last week.  The house is conceived as a composition of interlocking volumes which connect the different levels spatially, and allow natural light to penetrate deep into the building.

Rodić Davidson Architects set up shop in Bloomsbury!

Rodic Davidson Office 01

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